Deal Room for M&A

Deal Room for M&A as a great investment in your business

M&A investment banking is sometimes said to provide “the most cognitively difficult work” and “the finest exit prospects.” These assertions raise a few questions. Is matching objects in a PowerPoint presentation ever an “intellectually hard endeavor,” for example? However, there is another issue: most individuals who make these arguments are unaware that working on agreements […]

6 Provoking Interview Questions for Potential Non-profit Board Members

Journalists need to know how to spot signs of change within a company and what questions to ask. It requires familiarity with corporate governance practices. Here are 6 questions for non-profit boards. Why is corporate governance interesting for journalists? Many journalists are already writing about corporate governance without realizing it. Stories about leadership changes or […]

Chairman of the Board

How to Choose a Chairman of the Board?

An executive board represents the association externally, determines its direction, and acts for it. Under this responsibility, the election of the board of directors is regulated by law since the board of directors is ultimately liable for the association. So how does the election work? The role of a chairman of the board of directors […]

Venture Capital UK

Top 10 Venture Capital Companies in the UK

The modern economy offers many investment proposals in the form of crowdfunding and startups. And everything is inevitably connected with venture funds. So here are the best UK venture capital firms. How do the venture funds work? People who want to know what business investments are and how to make them often come across concepts […]